Process Service


Generally, in any Superior Court case, small claim suit or eviction, nothing can happen until the other party is served by an uninterested 3rd party.  That's where we come in.  Process Servers are a neutral party who ensure legal documents are served correctly, and timely.

How it works

If you need process service, the documents can be sent to us via fax, email, regular mail, or FedEx/UPS.  The method you choose is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that certain documents must be originals when served, and others copies are just fine (such as a small claim or summons and complaint).  Once we receive your documents, we enter the job into our tracking system and dispatch to the server who will attempt to serve them at the address given until either they are served, or it is determined to be a bad address.  

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After Service

Once service has been completed, you will received a declaration (or affidavit) of service.  A copy of the declaration will be sent to the court to be filed, as well as a copy to you.  This document tells the court who was served, for what case, and when.  This document is your proof to the court that the opposing party was served with the appropriate documents.